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Featuring - Setting the Captive Free
The Holiness Movement Mobilizes to Confront White Slavery
Robert D. Smith
Featuring - Pulso Hispano
Bresee y el Ministerio Multicultural: Una Reflexión Hispana
Juan R. Vázquez-Plá
Featuring - Considering Worship
Intentional Worship: Improving the Form and Flow of Your Worship Service: Part One
Susan Armstrong
Featuring - Congregational Ministry
Food for Thought – Reconsidering Discipleship
Lauren Seaman
Featuring - God Talk
Theology of Person – Part One
Carla Sunberg & Carl M. Leth




Welcome to The Epworth Pulpit! This site is a project of the Center for Faith & Culture at Olivet Nazarene University. Our project is the intersection of faith and culture, where Christian life and ministry happen. You will find resources for thinking about ministry and engaging issues posed by our engagement with culture.



Current articles include exploring our understanding of being human (God Talk), a new paradigm for discipleship and engagement with the people around us (Congregational Ministry), leading purposeful worship (Exploring Worship), our church heritage of engagement against human trafficking (Setting the Prisoner Free), and our Spanish language column (Pulso Hispano).


Our archive of prior articles continues to make them available to you. Feel free to explore our library of resources.


Recent Event



Fruin Holiness Conference 2016

April 13-14, 2016

On the campus of Olivet Nazarene University


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Carla Sunberg – President of Nazarene Theological Seminary (Thinking Theologically about the Intersection of Holiness & Culture)

Montague Williams – Chair, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Eastern Nazarene College    (Holiness and Engaging Ethnic and Racial Culture)

Mark Hayse – Professor, Mid-America Nazarene University (Holiness and the Challenge of Technological Culture)

Carl M. Leth – Director, Center for Faith & Culture, Olivet Nazarene University (Our Missional Imperative at the Intersection of Holiness and Culture)


The Conference Theme & Purpose follows:

This conference focusing on the intersection of our faith tradition and our cultural context, recognizing that it is at this intersection where Christian life and ministry happen. This focus emerges out of a growing persuasion that our effective engagement at this intersection is a critical challenge for the church, its effectiveness, and its future. Our focused attention to culture has too often been incidental, prompted by a particular problem. This conference worked from the premise that we need to be more attentive and capable students of culture and more capable practitioners of effective engagement of our inherited faith and our contextual cultural challenges. How can we faithfully practice and articulate our inherited faith while effectively engaging diverse and changing cultures? If we fail at either dimension of this dialogical intersection we are at risk of compromising our faith or failing to convey the promise and meaning of our faith.

Our consideration of this intersection is particularly conditioned by our Wesleyan-holiness theological perspective. What particular challenges and opportunities does our commitment to holiness present to us in this conversation? How do we realize the promise of our tradition at its best while authentically engaging our culture contexts? How can we make sure that we don’t leave something precious behind? This is not a question concerned primarily with protection but with opportunity. If our Wesleyan holiness tradition offers something worthwhile to this conversation how can we best contribute it?

This conversation assumes that we will need to learn to do ministry in different ways. This is not intended to be a merely intellectual or theoretical conversation. How does this conversation shape our thinking about mission, soteriology, ecclesiology? How does this conversation contribute to our thinking about what church looks like, how it is structured, how it is measured? How does this conversation influence our thinking about preparation and resourcing for ministry?

The assumption behind this conference topic is that nothing less than the effectiveness and future of the church is at stake at this intersection.