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Featuring - Setting the Captive Free
The Holiness Movement Mobilizes to Confront White Slavery
Robert D. Smith
Featuring - Pulso Hispano
Bresee y el Ministerio Multicultural: Una Reflexión Hispana
Juan R. Vázquez-Plá
Featuring - Considering Worship
Intentional Worship: Improving the Form and Flow of Your Worship Service: Part One
Susan Armstrong
Featuring - Congregational Ministry
Food for Thought – Reconsidering Discipleship
Lauren Seaman
Featuring - God Talk
Theology of Person – Part One
Carla Sunberg & Carl M. Leth




Welcome to The Epworth Pulpit! This site is a project of the Center for Faith & Culture at Olivet Nazarene University. Our project is the intersection of faith and culture, where Christian life and ministry happen. You will find resources for thinking about ministry and engaging issues posed by our engagement with culture.



Current articles include exploring our understanding of being human (God Talk), a new paradigm for discipleship and engagement with the people around us (Congregational Ministry), leading purposeful worship (Exploring Worship), our church heritage of engagement against human trafficking (Setting the Prisoner Free), and our Spanish language column (Pulso Hispano).


Our archive of prior articles continues to make them available to you. Feel free to explore our library of resources.