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Does This Make Sense?
Cal Samuelson
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Conflicting Concepts of Pentecost: The Nazarene Response to the Azusa Street Revival
Robert D. Smith
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Is N. T. Wright Right?
J. Edward Ellis
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An Ideal Church
Jeff Hinkley
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Reflections on My Adoption Journey
Mark Frisius



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2014 Fruin Holiness Conference: "The Heart of Holiness--Compassion and the Holy Life" 


Conference Recap

Grace and Peace Magazine Video Recap


Plenary Sessions

Dr. Thomas Nees, Journey Inward - Journey Outward - Our Heritage of Compassion (history)

Dr. Tim Green, The End of Holiness (biblical)

Dr. Carl Leth, Holiness and the New Creation (theology)

Dr. J. K. Warrick, The Call to Compassion

Jay Height, The Future of Compassionate Ministry



Dr. Mark Quanstrom, The Social Justice of Kingdom Ethic?

This workshop will explore the ethic of compassion as it is understood in the context of “social justice” and will argue that compassion in the Christian context is qualitatively different than compassion in the context of social justice.




Video Recap of ONU Pastor Appreciation Days

FutureMinistry with Alan Hirsch

Society is changing. The shape of ministry is also changing. What will effective ministry look like in the future? How can be both effective and faithful? Can we anticipate and shape FutureMinistry rather than be forces to react to it or be left behind by it? This conference was focused on these questions.

Our special guest and resource for envisioning FutureMinistry was Alan Hirsch. A key architect of the concept of the missional church, Hirsch is a prominent thought leader in current conversations about finding pathways to effective – and faithful – patterns of ministry.  Below is a video produced by Grace & Pease Magazine recaping the event.

Grace and Peace Magazine Video of Pastor Appreciation Days