A Ministry of the School of Theology and Christian Ministry—Olivet Nazarene University

Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Theology and Christian ministry stand at the very heart of Olivet’s heritage since the university’s founding one hundred years ago. Today Olivet offers a rich range of options for graduate education in religion, with twelve master’s degree programs and several specialized tracks for specific audiences.

Committed to the Church

The School of Theology and Christian Ministry is committed to the mission of the church. The university comes under the umbrella of the Church of the Nazarene and aims to serve the needs for theological education in the Nazarene denomination. The School of Theology and Christian Ministry, however, is also committed to serving the needs of students in other Wesleyan and Holiness traditions, in the larger Evangelical community, and indeed in the Christian church in its variety and richness. Students searching for an education that provides options in the study of the Bible, in the study of the theological heritage of the church, in the study of practical ministry, or in a combination of these will find studying the School of Theology and Christian Ministry at Olivet a rich experience.

Scholarly Excellence

The professors in the School of Theology and Christian Ministry are committed to excellence in education and to the standards of the academy. Each member of the School’s graduate faculty is committed to scholarship, publication, and the highest level of reasoned discourse in religion. And each faculty member strives for excellence in teaching. In addition, nearly all the School’s faculty members have experience in practical ministry, and the faculty in the ministry disciplines have a particularly extensive record of successful and reflective ministry.



May 2014 Module Courses


CMIN 624 Cross-Cultural Ministry

Karen Young Salvation Army

This course will explore the fundamentals of intercultural communication and the implications for interactions and for ministry in a culturally diverse world. The course will cover a variety of topics, emphasize self-reflection, and engage participants in experiences designed to develop competencies needed for leadership in multicultural settings.


CMIN 635 Leadership in Christian Ministry

Dr. Ron Lush Global Initiatives, Inc.

The purpose of this course is to examine and identify the core principles and best practices of leadership, bring those principles and practices under the authority of Scripture, and apply those principles and practices to the student’s specif-ic context, with the goal of enhancing the student’s capacity for effective Christlike leadership. This course is divided into four components, each informed by Scripture with a particular attention to the life and teachings of Jesus: Spiritual Formation; Relational Formation; Leadership Formation; and Leading His Kingdom Community.


CMIN 652 Principles of Management

Major Abran Tamayo Corps Officer—Salvation Army

Management issues are explored from the perspectives of human resource administration and business manage-ment. Human resource administration topics include personnel management, employee motivation, conflict manage-ment and relationship building. Business management topics include ethics, finance, and budget administration.


CMIN 653 Discipling

Captain Sheila Davisson Salvation Army

The purpose of this course is to develop students who a) effectively live a discipling lifestyle and b) are empowered to plan and implement disciple-making strategies. At the heart of their life and work is Christian community, where focus is maintained and purpose is fulfilled through strategic planning which results in practical steps of action in developing an ever-expanding network of discipling relationships.


CMIN 654 Introduction to Counseling

Major Larry Thorson Corps Officer—Salvation Army

This course will focus on skill development related to the art of Counseling. As the majority of the students are/will be pastors, the course will focus primarily on the area of Pastoral Counseling. Among the topics considered will be em-pathic attunement, assessment, active listening, responding, theological assessment, and counseling theories.


THEO 607 Theology of Ministry

Dr. Carl Leth Dean—School of Theology & Christian Ministry, ONU

Dr. Craig Dillman Pastor, Belleville First Church of the Nazarene

Students in this course learn the significance of theologically informed patterns of ministry and pastoral leadership, and they develop their own models for ministry that are intelligent and theologically informed. Special attention is given to the issues of ecclesiology as they relate to theological leadership.


YMIN 650 Spiritual Development of Students

Prof. Mark Holcomb Chaplain—Olivet Nazarene University

The purpose of this course is to expose the student to the broad issues facing youth ministry today. The course will examine the landscape of youth ministry by looking at adolescent development and secular culture, and will also navigate this terrain by developing a blueprint for local church ministry. Adolescent spirituality and discipleship, a team-based approach to ministry, and the development of a biblical theology as the compass for youth ministry will also be discussed.