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Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities


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Theology and Christian ministry stand at the very heart of Olivet’s heritage since the university’s founding one hundred years ago. Today Olivet offers a rich range of options for graduate education in religion, with twelve master’s degree programs and several specialized tracks for specific audiences.

Committed to the Church

The School of Theology and Christian Ministry is committed to the mission of the church. The university comes under the umbrella of the Church of the Nazarene and aims to serve the needs for theological education in the Nazarene denomination. The School of Theology and Christian Ministry, however, is also committed to serving the needs of students in other Wesleyan and Holiness traditions, in the larger Evangelical community, and indeed in the Christian church in its variety and richness. Students searching for an education that provides options in the study of the Bible, in the study of the theological heritage of the church, in the study of practical ministry, or in a combination of these will find studying the School of Theology and Christian Ministry at Olivet a rich experience.

Scholarly Excellence

The professors in the School of Theology and Christian Ministry are committed to excellence in education and to the standards of the academy. Each member of the School’s graduate faculty is committed to scholarship, publication, and the highest level of reasoned discourse in religion. And each faculty member strives for excellence in teaching. In addition, nearly all the School’s faculty members have experience in practical ministry, and the faculty in the ministry disciplines have a particularly extensive record of successful and reflective ministry.