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Post date Title Author
11/25/14 Christmas & the Distinction of Man Carl M. Leth
11/20/14 Rachel's Lamentations Erik C. Young
11/19/14 Adviento: El Señor de la esperanza Wilfredo Canales
11/19/14 Christmas Comes to the Nazarenes Robert D. Smith
9/12/14 Altares que alejan de Dios: El altar de la espectacularidad religiosa Wilfredo Canales
5/12/14 Conflicting Concepts of Pentecost: The Nazarene Response to the Azusa Street Revival (Part 2) Robert D. Smith
5/12/14 When Theology and Life Collide Larry Murphy
5/12/14 From the Immutable Lectern to the Conversational Table Ben Strait
3/27/14 2014 Fruin Holiness Conference (Videos): "The Heart of Holiness--Compassion and the Holy Life" Grace and Peace Magazine
3/01/14 Is N. T. Wright Right? J. Edward Ellis
3/01/14 An Ideal Church Jeff Hinkley
3/01/14 Does This Make Sense? Cal Samuelson
3/01/14 Reflections on My Adoption Journey Mark Frisius
3/01/14 Conflicting Concepts of Pentecost: The Nazarene Response to the Azusa Street Revival Robert D. Smith
11/08/13 Proclaiming in the Power of the Spirit Frank Moore
11/07/13 “Id y haced discípulos…” C. René Padilla
11/06/13 A New Kind of Normal Margaret Tyler
11/06/13 Reflections on the General Assembly Robert D. Smith
11/06/13 The Woman and the Dragon – A Lesser Known Infancy Narrative (Revelation 12:1-17) Larry Murphy
10/10/13 One Day. One Voice. One Purpose. Margie Schwarz
6/01/13 Don’t Pray About It! Frank Moore
6/01/13 Two Ears, One Mouth; Regaining the Art of Listening David Wine
5/12/13 The Family Table Margaret Tyler
4/01/13 What’s wrong with a little heresy? Mark Frisius
4/01/13 Ministry Essentials Lawrence A. Lacher
4/01/13 La homosexualidad: Algunas consideraciones exegéticas, hermenéuticas, pastorales y eclesiales Juan Stam
4/01/13 The Tide Has Shifted Frank Moore
4/01/13 A Pastor’s Discovery Rich Doering
2/01/13 Understanding the Hurt in Saying Good-Bye Leon Blanchette
2/01/13 But We Had Hoped Frank Moore
2/01/13 La adoración en la iglesia hispana contemporánea Wilfredo Canales
2/01/13 Competing Messages of the Holiness Mission Robert D. Smith
2/01/13 Remember J. Edward Ellis
2/01/13 The Good Churchman Jason Robertson
11/16/12 El día de la Reforma Protestante y el sacerdocio de todos los creyentes Por C. René Padilla
11/15/12 Awe, Wonder, and Praise Larry Murphy
11/15/12 Why Doctrine Matters Mark Frisius
11/15/12 4 Models of Ministry with Children Leon Blanchette
11/15/12 Preaching and Teaching the Psalms Kevin Mellish
10/19/12 Marriage Should Matter to You Kent Olney