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When Theology and Life Collide


Paul’s letter to the church at Rome has long been recognized as presenting the most thorough explication of his understandings relating to the Christian faith.  This is not surprising in that Paul wrote this letter to a church neither established nor previously visited by him.  This introductory letter to the Christian community at Rome was likely written near the close of Paul’s third missionary journey and before his consequential journey to Jerusalem (15:28-29).    

Numerous structural breakdowns have been provided for Romans; however, generally this letter is recognized as beginning with a common Pauline salutation followed by a direct address to the church (1:1-7).  This introduction is followed by Paul’s words of thanksgiving for what he has heard of the church in Rome and by an expression of his desire to come to them (1:8-15). 

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The God of Christianity and Islam: The Same, Right?

Leading evangelical Protestant ministers, Roman Catholic priests, and Jewish rabbis are coming together in record numbers to encourage us to join hands with our Islamic brothers and sisters and celebrate the fact that we all worship the same God.  So, in the interest of shedding light on this faith and culture notion, I want you to think with me for a few minutes then decide for yourself if you believe it is true.

If you go to the Internet for your authority, you will be quickly convinced that the proposal is, in fact, true.  Hundreds of people have posted articles, research, blogs, and comments that affirm that God is the same for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  They believe the T-shirt slogan one of my students used to wear to class just to annoy me!  It had symbols of all of the world religions on the body of the T-shirt; under the symbols read “One God; many paths.”  I know a religion professor at a Christian college near my boyhood home who teaches that God took all knowledge of God’s self and distributed it evenly among the world religions.  He says we must all get together and put our puzzle pieces of God on the table to have a complete understanding of God. 

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Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone


I am an educated female; I have more than enough food to eat every day, the water is safe to drink and always available. My home has a roof, windows, and doors that protect from thieves and keep the ements outside. All of my grandparents are alive; my parents are alive and married; and my siblings and I can trust and know that my parents will always be there for us. I am healthy, but if I am ever sick, there is always a doctor who can help me. I have always been able to get medication when I needed it. If I need to get somewhere, I have a car to take me there. I never have to stress about whether or not one of these will be absent in the next hour or how I will get my next meal.

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