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What is the Best Way?


We have focused our attention for the past few months on ways Christian believers assess their culture and relate to it.  Some believers find ways to successfully interact with culture as they encounter it on a daily basis.  Others prefer to withdraw from much of what culture has to offer and limit the flow of culture's influence on their lives.  Most of our attention in previous months has assumed that culture is the way it is and devised ways of relating to it on those terms.

But, what about Christians who seek to change their secular culture for the better?  What is the best way to do that?  I've been giving some thought to those questions in recent days as I have been looking at material we are discussing in my class on History of Christianity 2.  We began the course by looking at the Reformation era of Church history.  What caught my imagination on these questions about changing dominant culture was the different methods employed by a couple of the central figures of the Reformation.  I think their efforts can inform our approach today and offer us food for thought for our own efforts.

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