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Christian Faith and Dialogue with Modern Science

A Challenging Conversation

The conversation between classic Christian Faith and the disciplines of modern science is a challenging one. This is true, in part, because of the polarizing and strident voices that are heard most loudly. Scientific imperialism and Biblical Fundamentalism stand at opposing ends of this engagement and call us to the margins. Either we offer an unqualified surrender to the authority of science to determine the boundaries of our conversation or we demand the submission of science to (particular) Biblical conditions. There is much more talking “at” each other than talking “with” each other.

Nonetheless, this is an important - even inescapable - conversation for the Church despite its difficulty. As a Christian theologian, committed to the classical and Biblical definitions of the Christian Faith, I will approach the conversation from that perspective – and without apology. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t engage the disciplines and findings of science seriously and respectfully. This article is an attempt to navigate a “middle way” that attempts to engage both domains seriously and respectfully.

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