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Let's Contemplate "Contemplation"


A current theme, popular among the new evangelicals today, is a return, of sorts, to practices and disciplines used for many years among the religious, mainly in Monasteries and Convents across Europe. It was, perhaps, Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline that set so many on paths of spiritual formation via the ancient practices. Who knows the span of influence that this work has had? Though first published in 1978, this book continues to gain new readers and to enjoy very good reviews among those new readers. It is not uncommon to find these kinds of assessments when looking to buy a copy of Celebration of Discipline:

  • "Amazing book; it inspires me to continue on the journey. Very helpful in so many ways."
  • "An excellent book. It helped to clear up some things that I learned over the years. One in particular, the discipline of meditation and the difference between Eastern meditation and Western meditation."
  • "While other religions emphasize meditation, fasting, or simplicity, you will understand and be able to use these disciplines in your life as God intended with His people."
  • "A must read for anyone who is ready to deepen their relationship with God."
  • "Insightful, thought-provoking, concise and very practical. A marvelous guide for personal spiritual growth. Even more relevant in today's rushed, materialistic culture than when written 20 years ago."
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